How to Download APK from Huawei App Store

Downloading APK from Huawei App store (Google Play Store APK)

Sometimes while we are testing a mobile app, we require the APK from the Google Play Store. It just so happens that the app is sometimes also available on the Huawei App Gallery which is alternative to Google Play Store.

If the app is available on Huawei App Gallery, you can directly download the APK. Follow the below steps.

a. Find the app on the Huawei App Gallery

b. The App URL will look like this

c. Now make changes to the URL

  1. Change to . In short, add .cloud. in front of .

  2. change the /app/ to /appdl/ . In short, add dl after app

c. The URL should look like

Done. Download the app

Thanks some random XDAForum page I cant find now.

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